Airtable Winows App Problems

Hi there. I just started using Airtable’s Windows app. I noticed that when I moved the app from my laptop screen to the larger monitor, the content suddenly aligns left. Is this being looked into or am I the first one to experience this? Thanks.

Hi @Kirubiel_Shimeles and welcome to AIRTABLE! :smiley:

I got all exciting thinking that Airtable finally added alignment via the app so I downloaded it! :smiley:

Can you provide a screenshot? From what I know, cells within tables, still can’t be aligned. Are you speaking about one of the blocks? Perhaps the Page Designer block?

Try logging into your account directly from the web. Long shot, I know. Perhaps the screen resolution is making things appear like they are aligned differently.

Hey thanks for the welcome!

Before I mess up my currently aligned view :joy: no it’s not the cells within tables. The entire view gets aligned up and left by like 20-30% from the bottom and right each. It’s just with windows though. I haven’t experienced this with the web or android versioins.

:thinking: Not sure. For both web and app, my bases are identical.

A screen shot might add a clue.

The forum is not allowing me to put images in a post :frowning_face:

Probably because you’re a new user. It takes a few posts before the system will let you attach images.

Yeah probably. I know this forum.

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