Airtable Zapier automation

Is there a way to hold zapier activation while I finish all the new record fields? I have managed creating a new view which is filtered to have the last field filled so that zapier takes it as a new record. Is there any way I can avoid this?


Hi @JOSE_LASEN - not really, you are doing this the right way (based on new record in view vs newly created record). The other alternative is not to have the filter based on a field being non-empty, but based on a checkbox, so when you’re happy that your record is ready to be picked up by Zapier, check the checkbox. But this still uses a filtered view to let Zapier know about the record.

Thank you so much. What if I used the new record created instead of new record in view? Would Zapier still trigger eventhough I haven´t fullfilled all my fields?

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