Airtable + Zapier + Autopopulate Task (different table)

My emails are being recorded as a new record in airtable, however, I need these “new records” to be labeled as a task, which is found in another table so start the beginning of my workflow. Is this possible?

Also, as I know these questions are coming next -

  1. Is there an easy way (without check boxes) to have my projects follow a workflow (tasks and sub tasks) without adding all the projects to ever task/sub task? I’m thinking conditional formatting, just not sure where to start.

  2. We currently pay for Jotform and would like to implement Jotform into our workflow with pre-populated fields carried over when we submit a form. However, the pre-populated information is either a auto-fill number or formula. This doesn’t seem possible with Jotform , unless I’m missing something. Is there another work around for this? Without paying for yet another program?

Thanks in advance.

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