Airtable + Zapier: Discrepancy between input and output

Hello community, I’m using Zapier to send data from other apps to Airtable

The zap starts with a CRM called Streak, it includes a variable “company helper” with value “Diamir”

The Airtable action is writing “company helper” into the “company” field:

The data in is correctly shown “Diamir”.

But the data out becomes “recPLcGiYMFsYsWPT”

Which equals FIT and not Diamir

Can someone help illuminate me as to what may cause the difference between in and output? Thanks!

Sorry, I don’t have any answers for you because I don’t typically use Zapier unless my clients require it. Hopefully, some other people can chime into this thread with their thoughts on what might be going on with your zap.

However, you may want to try ruling out variables by setting up this exact same scenario in, which has full support for both Airtable and Streak.

If the scenario works in Make but continues to fail in Zapier, then that points to a possible bug in Zapier or a possible configuration problem with your zap in Zapier. Maybe rebuilding the zap from scratch or in a different way would fix it. I would also try reaching out to Zapier tech support.

If the same problem happens in both Make and Zapier, then that would point to a possible issue with the Airtable API or with your Airtable base:


Thanks Scott, that makes sense.

I also prefer Make, but their Streak CRM integration lacks behind and misses features that Zapier offers.

I will let Zapier know and rebuild the Airtable step in Make for testing, though can’t replicate the entire flow.

It might be that because the Company field is a linked record field, that it needs the record ID fetching from the table it is linked to first.

Try adding a ‘find record’ step and search for the company in the linked table using the company name as the search value. Then use the record ID that is outputted from that step in your ‘create/update record’ step in the Company field.

This is assuming the Company field is a linked record field though.

It sounds like you may have your mappings wrong in Zapier. I’d double check each step and make sure that the “Diamir” field is referencing the Diamir value, sounds like it’s referencing the “FIT” value (which looks very similar).

More rudimentary user error on my side. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I erred that this is an upsert action, it’s actually find or else create. Hence the zap just looked up the existing record instead of updating it… Zapier spotted my mistake:

Checking the ‘Data out’ of the Airtable step in the Zap run, you would see that there is a field called 'Zap data was found ’ and the value in that field is true .

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