Airtable Zapier Integration - Edited Record


I would like to create a Zap in Zapier that fires when a record appears in a view. It’s not a new record but a field on the record is edited to allow it to show up in a new view based on that view’s filters.

It looks like with Zapier the only options are to fire off a zap when a new record is created or a NEW record created in a view. Wondering about possibilities to trigger based on an EDITED record.

Or are there other services like Zapier that could help here?

My only other use case is in Salesforce we can send an Outbound Message when a record is edited. And the Zap picks up that Outbound message as the trigger.

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Integromat is another service similar to Zapier. However, from what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think it’s as granular as you want with regard to triggering when a record appears in an Airtable view due to a change in that record’s fields. There is a “Watch records in view” trigger, but that’s still only for new records.



Check out our product On2Air:Actions

It handles that use case and much more.



Thanks for the tips. Openside - does your tool sit as a step in Zapier between Airtable and wherever I’m sending the data?



@Aparna_Kothary - yep - works exactly like any other trigger/action in Zapier.



i can’t find Openside or On2Air in Zapier as an integrated app though



After purchase, you’ll be provided instructions on how to enable it.