Airtable/Zapier Support - part time


Seeking support for an existing install of Airtable employing Zapier. This is a paid position, can work remote if skills/experience align


Hi Beth,
I am an experienced developer and would be interested
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,


Hi Beth, the combination of Airtable and Zapier is something I know very well and have done some amazing things with. Ping me at



Hi Beth, as an experienced Airtable/Zapier consultant, I’d be happy to discuss how I can assist you with this. Please schedule some time with me here if you’d like to chat!



Thanks for your email Andrew –

If you could send a copy of your resume for review that would be most helpful in moving forward.



Hi Dan –

Thanks for your email and interest.

If you could send me a copy of your resume that would be the best next steps.



Hi Gareth –

Thanks for your interest in my project.

A next best step would be for you to send a copy of your resume to me.



Hi Beth,

Thanks for the reply – just a quick question about this opportunity. Most of my clients contract me to build/architect their data. Generally, this amounts to an intense build out procedure (usually 2-3 weeks) to deliver the desired result. After that, those clients often transition to a monthly retainer to have their general support and troubleshooting questions answered/corrected.

I’m curious what type of work you envision this to be? Are you searching for a part-time employee, or are you looking for a solution like the one I described above?

If it’s more of the latter, I’m happy to send a copy of my resume your way.




Hi Gareth –

We have an instance of Airtable/Zapier already built/installed. It is a sale funnel type tracking system. We are in the process of finalizing our requirements for potential enhancements.

I will keep you posted once we complete that exercise as to next steps.

Thank you for responding and providing additional detail.



Hi Beth. We are the Airtable Sherpas - an outfit that helps clients exclusively with Airtable-related work. We help clients with all manner of Airtable-related tasks - from setting up your bases correctly and data entry, to writing code that helps power your business workflows or website.

If you are still looking for help please drop me a line at Also happy to share the portfolio of work we’ve done before, and to provide references.

To learn more about us, please see our website