Alerts and alarms

I was wondering if there was a tool within airtable to set up alerts and alarms for expiry dates for licences? I am tracking things like a drivers licence but want to set up alarms for when they are due to expire.

There was a recent somewhat similar thread, see below. Lot of discussion about data modeling there, but as far as alerts/alarms, the way I’d do this is that once you set up a specific view that only shows license rows that are newly “Expiring”, “you can either check this specific view periodically to see who needs an upcoming training, or use something like Zapier/Integromat to automatically email you when new records pop up in this view.” Getting a “push” notification like an email is something you’ll need to use a (free) 3rd party service for (unless you want to write code to poll the Airtable API).

EDIT: Also this thread too!

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