All my Zapier Airtable zaps show I'm now using the "Airtable (Legacy)" app

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First of all - this kind of stinks. I probably have 30-40 zaps that are now using the “Airtable (Legacy)” app with no warning. I know it probably won’t change how anything functions, but it still makes me feel like I need to spend hours going through all my zaps and updating them.

Second of all, I’m curious if there’s anything new and shiny with the new Airtable zapier integration, or if it’s just a change of the internals?

With the greatest intentions and exuberance we build the coolest solutions that make our stakeholders and clients smile. And then the other shoe drops - maintenance dependencies - where all profit and productivity escapes the cabin like a bird strike with complete decompression. We struggle to maintain control as the clear blue sky viewed from the cockpit begins to fade to a deep shade of dirt.

Happy hump day y’all! :wink:

More seriously, this is the realm and reality of no-code/low-code. You must budget for change because the risk envelope of impact from dependencies are vast and roughly 20 times greater than if you build them yourself for sustainability.

I have a client in the UK who paid me exactly once for a complex integration process. It has fired about 6 million times in two years without additional cost or subscription fees; not a single code-related error or deprecation issue has emerged while many parts of the system have changed around it. It is designed to self-heal in the event of a data mishap, or an API outage. This same client has more than 200 Zaps running and they are forever chasing issues with a team of two people who put out fires daily. They had difficulty breathing when their systems started failing a few days ago presumably because of this new version.

I’ve written about the risks of using these glu-factories; deprecation is just one of many.


From Zapier:

“We are updating our Airtable integration at the moment which will hopefully allow us to add some cool new features. Your app is marked as Legacy because we are still in the process of moving users over.

What does this mean to you? Nothing, you are good to leave it as is, and within the next few days, it should be on the current version as we automatically migrate users. While it is marked as legacy, it will run normally, and you shouldn’t see any issues during this process.”


This is great news, thank you! I did already convert one of my zaps to the non-legacy system, so hopefully that doesn’t mess anything up when it comes time to convert.

Anywhere we can find a list of improvements/changes to the updated Airtable / Zapier integration by chance?

I asked, but they would not tell me.

Where did you find this response from Airtable?

I didn’t, that was a response from Zapier support desk when I asked them about it.

Gotcha. Thanks! Hopefully there’s some great new features. I’d love to see better data consistency features, like dropdowns for select fields, etc. Here’s to hoping! :crossed_fingers:

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