Allocating same tasks to multiple events -HELP

I am trying to set up (on the free version) an event management system. We run multiple training events and they all have very similar structures so I’m wanting a base that has ALL our events and their relating info together. I have successfully managed most aspects of this except TASKS!!!
I’m needing the tasks table to operate as a kind of checklist for each event. Essentially I’m thinking a table that lists all the task associated with planning an event (e.g book venue, send out invitations, organise catering etc…) as these tasks need to be done for each event, they need to be allocated to someone with due dates etc… all pretty simple so far.

The wall I’ve crashed into is how to allocate these task in such as way that they are current each event. so for example:
Event 1 = was held jan 2019 - the task of booking the venue was allocated to John & was due 30 Nov 2018, and catering was allocated to Jane and due 3 Dec 2018. etc…
Event 2 = is to be held Dec 2019, I wish to allocate venue booking to Jane with a due date of 31 Oct 2019.
When I allocate Jane (or anybody) to a current task I get the data from event 1 - hope this makes sense.

How can I set up the tasks so that I can re-assign tasks with new dates… once set up will want to view each current event on Kanban view (ideally sorted by event) as well as calendar and a few other views.

Any help, suggestions and ideas would be gratefully appreciated as I need to complete this today.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, Chleo! :smiley: Check out this thread: