Allow a customer to edit a Gallery record



I’ve created a Base that is capturing city locations as a prototype for an app, using Restaurant Field Guide as a template. The idea is to:

  1. allow users to upload locations (e.g. restaurant) & some pre-defined fields for each one (e.g. address)
  2. view locations uploaded by others; and
  3. make edits to those locations

The first two are straightforward - I’ve created a Form for no.1 which captures the data straight into the Base, and created a Gallery view for no.2 which shows all the data & pictures uploaded for each location.

Is it possible to do no.3? In other words, if user A uploads a cafe listing and User B then views it in Gallery view, can user B augment that record by adding some data to it e.g. if the address field is missing from user A? Remembering that this will go out to public users so we don’t want them to have full edit access to the base, just the Form view and the Gallery view!

Appreciate any help. Thanks!


Jindy, I am having same issue… were you able to solve this problem?



Ji-Young, I think you should check out this discussion on granular permissions. I think what you want is the ability to give a user field-level or record-level permissions, which has been a feature request for a while. Currently, if a user has permission to write data to a base, s/he has permission to read/write all fields and records.


John, thank you very much for your quick response to this. Super helpful!