Allow Checking / Unchecking from Main View on iOS / Android


To make grocery lists, packing lists, and other forms of check lists efficient on handheld devices a user needs to be able to quickly work their way down a pre-made list checking off items that have been completed. Currently the only way to change the state of a checkbox is to open each item on the list individually. Please consider enabling checking / unchecking of check boxes from the list views.


Right there with you @Charles_Meyer.

I use Evernote for myriad checklists (and other features)… and I am trying to convert these checklist one by one to Airtable, but the inability to check / uncheck list quickly is restricting me to fully convert to Airtable usage.

Fingers crossed, this is something that gets implemented soon.


Absolutely right. I too use Airtable for shopping lists among other things and it is frustrating that I have to check/uncheck each entry individually, especially since I have two checkbox columns (for Required and Bought)


Ditto, checkboxes are an exception that should be toggleable whenever visible.


This actually stops me from using Airtable for shopping. I made a nice base with shops and products and their prices, etc. But using it in on the go is too inconvenient, because you can’t just make a concise view for what you’re buying and check what you’ve already got in the basket.

Same is applicable to any other TODO-list application of Airtable.


List time I checked it’s impossible to do that on the web interface as well. not sure what could be the logic behind that.