Allow form collaborators to create a new multi-select option

Hi - I want to allow users who fill in a form to either select a pre-created option (easy) OR create their own option. Put another way, I’d like a form user to add their own options to our overall table, which then become options for future users (although those users can still add their own new options).

I believe I have set everything correct: Clicked on → Allow this field to be set in records created through forms. It is a multi-select field that can easily have new options added directly in the table (but not from the form).

I have received the following error: Cannot accept submissions because forms don’t have permission to set the required field XYZ.

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Hi @Adam_Spector,

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You cannot add new options to the Multiple Select Field from the Form (unless you use a 3rd party tool like MiniExtensions which for this particular use is a bit complicated I think).

This option is basically so that users can choose from the field and submit this field (using the options that are already there) via the form. This is used mainly when you have edit permissions in this field which means that not anyone can edit the field, but when you click on this option you allow the form to “edit it” by actually choosing a value for it (again, from the values pre defined).

A work around comes to mind though. You can make a field in the Multi Select called Other(s), then have a Single Line Text field (or any other field type, depending on what the options actually are) that conditionally appears if they choose this option where they can enter their own value in a single line text box. Then if you want to, use Zapier to add this option automatically once a new record is created adding it to the Multi Select values.

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Thanks for mentioning our tools @Mohamed_Swellam!

We have built an extension specifically for this problem. It’s actually pretty straight forward to setup.

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