Allow formula fields to be included in forms


Trying to build a solution for our staff and a field that is the result of a formula calculation would REALLY be helpful. Currently calculated fields are not included on forms. I think this feature would add great value to Airtable, as it would allow people to build invoice forms with live feedback of costs.


Yes! This would be a great addition.


Yes please include this feature. For example, someone could fill in a form saying that they want to buy something for $2 and another item for $5 and the form could state that the total cost will be $7.


Thanks for the feedback! As you’ve discovered, we don’t currently display calculated fields (formula, lookup, rollup, count, and autonumber fields) in our forms. This is something we can consider for the future, though! Note that we recommend that any base collaborators with edit access use our expanded record view instead. It has a form-like layout, and users will be able to view any calculated fields!


Yes…I also desperately need that feature!


The expanded record view doesn’t help those of us that have Public Facing forms where the user does not have access to the Airtable (and shouldn’t). It’s helpful too for those of us trying to get a better search function out of integrations like Zapier.


I am shocked this isn’t a “feature” yet. There’s this and some other seemingly basic “features” that may have us move off Airtable. Is there any update to this?