Allow hide the "Create a View" panel

Please allow hiding the Create a View pane on the bottom of the Views pane. I want to keep the Views pane but don’t want to see the “create a view” section. I suggest to add a toggle on the view configuration. This adds additional space to view the list of views without need to scroll it (not ideal on small laptop screens).


Great suggestion. Create a View has been expanded and is now taking away screen real estate from views.

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Yes, this is a much needed improvement.

This is how bad it is on my client’s MacBook Air:

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Agreed. I can’t understand why the UX designers changed the side panel so that now 50% of the view list is being taken up by “Create a view”. Maybe they’re only using large monitors, which is why they’re not even aware of this problem. Because if they were, the “Create a view” wouldn’t have taken so much space.

Not to mention that many of my base users keep clicking on those unintentionally. Just last week, I had to remove 50+ such views which were created by my users this way. All of those were named like “Calendar”, “Kanban 12”, “Grid view 21”, and so on. What a waste of time


Yeah, I think it’s clear that the Airtable engineers don’t spend much time using the actual product that they’re creating. If they did, the dozens of problems like this that exist in Airtable wouldn’t exist.

This has been happening with my clients as well! So frustrating.

I would recommend that everyone send an email message to about this issue. They famously don’t listen to user feedback, but we should at least let them know how we feel about this issue.

It seems you used to be able to hide views, but I don’t see the gear icon. Hide "Create a View" and "Use a suggested view" - #5

The create view section is indeed super annoying and occupies way to much real estate for what it does.
It should be limited to a single Add View button that expands to allow for selecting a view type.

In the meantime I am using a chrome plugin called stylebot
with the folowing style applied to
#viewSidebarContent > [data-tutorial-selector-id]{
display: none;
It is easy to toggle on or off so i can quickly re-add the buttons when needed


Useful to know. Thank you.

Agreed on this!
It especially confuses new users, who you really want to focus on using stuff that you’ve created.
Here’s a really smart idea:
Especially hide it for people who are not Creators in a Base :smiley:

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Be sure to write about this! They don’t pay much attention to us here.



Yes please! Really starting to bug me that you can’t do these. I have multiple people using my bases, some of whom are less familiar with Airtable than others, and they keep inadvertently creating views I then have to delete because they’re clicking in the wrong place!

Another welcome feature would be to turn the ability to create views on or off for individual users, not just those at certain permission levels (editor, creator).

Hello all!

As of today, the ‘Create View’ section of the view sidebar is now collapsible, freeing up screen real estate so folks can more easily access all their views and sections. :dizzy:



Thank you very much!

Was this a staggered roll out? I have been enjoying collapsing that section for at least a day or two.

@kuovonne you are correct, this has been a week-long staggered rollout. We just finished the rollout to all users today :slight_smile:


Great to see this change.

Also wow, looks like writing to support actually does work faster! :smiley:

Yay! This is great news. :smiley:

Great! Another UX improvement :raised_hands:

Amazing and fabulous Airtable support team - thank you. Looking forward to seeing more good news, please keep them coming.

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