Allow Linking Automatically To All Records


When selecting “Link to another record” as a field type, Airtable should allow automatic linking to all records.

UI Change
The current slider that allows linking to single or multiple records, should be changed to a selection menu of the following:

  • Link to single records only
  • Link to multiple records
  • Link to all records automatically

This new option would allow scenarios where another field computes its value from the values of another table, easily.

For example, a column that computes the percentage of a value of this record against the total of all records would be simple, as the moving or current sum is automatically computed on the column based on all the records without having to re-link all of them.

One way around this is to group by the link field (in the table containing the records that are all supposed to link to a single record in another table). The group requires that link to be there in order for a record to be part of that group. Because of this requirement, adding a new record to that group automatically adds the link.