Allow public to modify one field


Requested feature
I’d like public users to view two pictures (single record) and vote which they prefer. Right now, I can only expose a blank form.

Effect on current pricing model
Seems to violate a boundary for the business model (only named users can access updatable data). Maybe the boundary can be maintained by only allowing a single field to be edited?


Is there a way to achieve updating Airtable records via APIs with, say Typeform? Hopefully anonymous contributions could work with the business model if the source were labeled, eg my_voting_typeform_api

Would like to hear the outcome of this as there is a clear need for this functionality.


Need to explore your idea. Seems like I might be able to load the pictures to typeform and then push results back into airtable via zapier.

Annoying, but worth exploring. Thank you.


It’s easy enough to use Airtable Integrations - Zapbook - Zapier to do static once-off voting and update.

The catch with handing off to a third party tool like Typeform, is to have it dynamically populate voting options from current data values in your database.

Let me know what you end up doing @Michael_Schoeffler :slight_smile:


I expect to dig into this in a week or two. Will post if I get anywhere.