Allow selecting records by group


Currently, if you want to select all the records in a particular grouping you have to select them one by one. Suggest adding a checkbox in each group heading so can quickly select all the records for groups. Right now the individual level or all record selection at the table level is too little or too much. Looks like an oversight when the grouping functionality was added but maybe it just didn’t make it in the initial release?


One workaround is to check the box of the first record in the group, hold down the shift key, and select the checkbox of the last record in the group—it’s a lot faster than clicking on them one at a time.


Thanks that’s useful, should have thought of it myself. Only been doing computers for 40 years. The checkbox scenario is for when you want to select a bunch of groups of interest, so it would be nice to collapse all groups and then scan your list for the set of lists your interested in and select them. When your working in a “list” (ie group) mentality for copy and paste it would be very useful. Thanks again.


Hi @Katherine_Duh,

I’m familiar with the ability to hold shift and select a list of records, as you’ve outlined here. I feel like I remember doing this with airtable, in the past, but when I try to do it now, it doesn’t work. Any suggestions??

shift select not working


That’s strange! Shift and click should be working as you expected. (Just made this gif a minute ago.)

This might be a conversation better suited for If you can, please try and include a screenshot of the developer console after you try to perform the shift+click action.