Allow someone to see a view, but not the whole table

Hi all!

I’m creating an airtable, but I have a user that I need to be able to see just one view, but not the whole table, for privacy reasons. I also do NOT want that view to be viewable to the public (by a link). Is this possible?

See my comments here:

I’ll look into Stacker! Sounds good!

I’m fine with them not editing anything at all, but I don’t want them to even see some of the rows. If I make a share link then anyone who accidentally gets that link can see my view without even logging in, right?

You can restrict view access to a certain password and/or a certain email domain. You can learn more here:

If they need only read-only access, you can create and share a view that includes only the records and fields that you want them to see.

  • Setup filters for the view to hide any records that you do not want the user to see. Lock the view to avoid accidental changes to the filters. (Locking the view requires a Pro subscription.)

  • Turn off Show all fields in expanded records. This prevents people from seeing hidden fields.

  • Turn on *Restrict access with a password". This prevents someone with only the url from viewing the data. This requires a Pro subscription.

Give your user the url and password.