"Allow viewers to edit records" in Shared Views

My colleague is able to select an option to “Allow viewers to edit records” within private link shared views options, but I don’t see it.

She is the Owner of the Base, I am a Creator - is this an Owner-only functionality?


Would be very useful if all our Creators could access this option.



Welcome to the community, @Richard.Parsons!

Wow, very cool! I think you have just publicly revealed for the very first time a brand new feature that Airtable is testing!

Airtable will often choose certain users to partake in tests of new features, so your friend must have been chosen as part of the test.

This is the very first time I’ve seen this new feature, but this looks awesome! And it is much needed, too! :slight_smile: Very cool!

This feature has not yet been announced & is not yet available to the general public, but my guess is that you might be able to get in on the test by emailing support@airtable.com.

This new feature also looks like it will remove one of the big reasons that people turn to Stacker.


Owners have extra permissions regarding the Workspace, it wouldn’t make sense for Creators not to have this functionality. @ScottWorld is likely correct in that your colleague is basically a beta tester.

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