Allow views to auto-sort


I can’t believe this is not an obvious feature. +1 to adding this.


This is a desperately needed feature for our organization. We track projects by completion date and too often new projects are getting buried to the bottom of the list.


Yes please, auto sort! This is a big issue for us.


A thousand times THIS. We love AirTable and I use it exclusively every single day to run my department, meaning I have literally 20 different views within my base, and each view is sorted by different criteria and viewable by different people and it is very time consuming to have to manually sort each view every time a new record is added. Just as quickly as records can be filtered in and out of views with changes made, an auto sort of some kind would be so beneficial for us!


Another +1 on this, very much needed!


Glad to see that this request remains alive (thanks, @Katherine_Duh, for the maintenance). Having an auto-sort would solve one of my biggest challenges with Airtable.


+1 on this feature request
It’s essential for kanban based workflows or dashboards.


plus one for this junk


+1 for us, too. We have a number of views where sort order is mission critical (by checkout date for equipment, for instance), shared among many less Airtable savvy users, so autosorting would make a world of difference.


+1 to this feature too. I can’t read the whole thread but… would it make sense to allow auto-sort just to filtered views with a max number of records?

Or maybe a workaround using Zapier and/or the API? (I’m still quite an ignorant in this field)


Yes indeed! I went looking for this feature and was glad to see many others also see the benefits of keep a table sorted as new data are added.


Hi @Matt_Bush,

is there an update on the auto-sorting of views since last year? I’m having a hard time doing consistent Zapier workflows without it…

See for more information: How to "pick the next row" and go back to the top if needed? (Airtable - Zapier integration)



My use case for this feature is sorting by priority and then by estimated difficulty in Kanban view. The sort feature is really nice to have, but I don’t want to have to apply the sort every single time I move or create a card manually. Support this!


Any update on this feature coming soon? We have a dozen different views that sort projects by release date (most recent releases at top). When new records are being added, or release date changes, those are being lost in the views. Currently we are tasking team members to manually sort each view daily, it’s very time consuming.

Any update or known workaround?


Hello, is the function of for auto-sorting available yet?




Any updates yet?


PLEASE, PLEASE add auto-sorting. And not just upon open, but ideally scheduled, and at least once an hour. We use specific views to update our status board (Geckoboard) and are currently CONSTANTLY resorting by hand.


And yes, our use case is release dates, and/or days overdue.