Alternate date over a period

I want to scheuled a course that runs for a date range of two months only on tues and thur - how do I do that so it only shows on the calendar on those days with a start and end date

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The calendar shows individual records, so you would need to create one record for each date of the course. Each record will show up once on the calendar as an event.

Thanks - so I I potentially have to create 16 records over a two month period - evn though I want it all under one record and stored information?

Well, you would need 16 date records — but you only need a single event record.

So you would want to create one record per event in your Events table, and then link it to 16 date records in a separate Dates table.

And then, create your calendar from the Dates table instead of the Events table.

That way, you wouldn’t need to keep duplicating the same information over & over again for the same event.


Thanks - I will try that :slight_smile:

@Corporate_Training_C You’re welcome! Once you get this working on your end, would you mind marking my comment above as the solution to your question? This will help other people who are searching for similar solutions. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Have you created any scripts that would automate the creation of those related child records (in the Dates table). I’ve just started down this same path on a new project and had already got a far as understanding the linked file structure needed. When I create an event I know I know the duration from beginning to end and have a field telling me how many weeks the event stretches out over, so for example, if it’s a 6 week long event, with a “class” starting on the same day (and time) each week, I was about to work on automating the process of automatically creating those 6 “child” dates. If you or someone already has created a shortcut for doing that, I’ll be interested in it.

Oh, and then I’d ideally like to be able to convert that into an ICS file that can be sent to someone to update their own calendar with…

BuiltOnAir is curating a library of community-generated scripts here:

Perhaps you can find a script there that will help you get started.

If not, I would try posting your inquiry in the #developers:scripting topic.

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