Alternative to Formstack

We currently use a Formstack > Zapier > Airtable integration for dozens of forms, primarily because the Airtable form just doesn’t offer the functionality we need (logic, field validation, custom emails/notifications, branding, etc.). We deal with hundreds of users of varying technical abilities so ease of use for the end-user is paramount.

All of our forms involve image uploads which are then added as attachments in Airtable. We used to use Google Drive for the image storage but this resulted in some sporadic problems with the images not being added in Airtable. So we ended up just using Formstack’s native storage on AWS.

This has worked flawlessly for a few years. However, Formstack will be adding some security measures which will require additional authentication which will only allow Formstack users to access the files. This won’t work for our purposes and will probably break the existing integration with Zapier.

Our options are to go back to using Google Drive and manually add the images that fail (which is a lot of work - we have hundreds of entries per form). Or, perhaps look at Formstack alternatives.

Questions - does anyone know of form builders which work well with Airtable which allow for field validation, conditional logic, custom notifications to multiple emails based upon form data, start/end times for forms, white label branding/embedding, image/file upload (hopefully more than 25MB per form)? Hopefully with zapier integration but not a requirement.

Or is there an add-on to Airtable which expands the existing form functionality?

Hi @SAQA_Staff,

you can take a look at Plumsail Forms. It has all you mentioned - field validation, conditional logic, custom notifications, and so on.

Here is an example of how to handle forms with attachments and send the customized email Send an email with attachments and signature using Zapier — Public web forms

You can adjust it to your requirements.

Try Jotform, they have,

  • Field Validation
  • Conditional Logic
  • Custom Notifications
  • Timers
  • Image/File Upload

You should check it out.

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On2Air Forms combined with JotForms is an option. It combines Airtable and JotForm and then adds even more features. And it’s an app in Zapier.