Amend a Formula to cater for a discount

I currently have a formula that calculates the cost of a child attending a class over a number of weeks.

Extrachildren*({Weeks FM}+{WeeksSR})*5

This works well until I was told if they book for 11 weeks then the 11th week is free (they never book for more than 11).
So I need the formula to multiply by 10 if 11 weeks are booked.
Can somebody please tell me how that should be expressed in the formula.

Thanks in advance

It sounds like your formula would be:

{Extrachildren} * MIN(({Weeks FM}+{WeeksSR}), 10) * 5

^ The MIN() function means no number higher than 10 will be multiplied.


Hi Kamille
Perfect answer.
It always seems so obvious after I see the solution.
I do hope someday I will understand formula.

Many thanks

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