An app that provides results pulled from a base according to form entries

Hello! I’m pretty new to Airtable and can’t seem to find if there is an app that does what I’m looking for.

I’ve built a base of solution providers that my company partners with - it details all kinds of services they provide and what platforms they work with, along with other info about them.

What we’re looking to do is have a single landing page our sales agents can access where they can enter the different criteria to match up one of our users with the right provider for them based on the various criteria they enter.

For example, one of our users needs a provider that provides web design services for ecommerce stores and is certified to work with the BigCommerce platform. In the landing page they would select “design servicest” for the service and “BigCommerce” for the supported platform. Then submit the form and see which entries from our airtable base match their query.

Is there an app that does this already?

I realize they could use filters and sorting in the base itself, but giving access to the base to all of our sales team is not what we want to do in this case. Thanks!

Hi @Sarah_Holdgrafer and welcome to the community!

Is it an idea to simply share a read only link with your sales agents? That way, you can select, in the view that you share, what information they can see, they wouldn’t have access to the base itself and they can simply filter, group, sort, search, … the database.

Provided that all the info is on 1 table (for 1 shared link).

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