An Automation to update Date based on choice of a Single Select option


I’d like to have a set of single select options that indicate a follow-up timeframe. Example: 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months…

I’d then like to have an automation generate what that date would be, where the automation would take the record created date + that amount of time (2 wks, 1 month, etc.) The date generated by the automation would drive a view that looks for any follow-up dates within a week’s time span.

I know how to create the view, I’m just hoping that it’s possible to create the automation to update the follow date field based on the option chosen within the single select field.

Is this at all possible? Thanks in advance!

Hi Cole. There you go making the solution more difficult than necessary :slight_smile: You just need a formula field.

DATEADD({Created},SWITCH({Follow Up},'2 weeks',14,'1 month',30,'2 months',60,0),'days')

Where {Follow Up} is your single select field with options for ‘2 weeks’, ‘1 month’, ‘2 months’ - obviously you can customize to your needs. The zero is the default number of days which you can change as well.

Hope I understood you clearly and that this works.

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@augmented I guess I did, though this time I honestly NEVER would have come up with a formula like that, so I’m glad I asked!

Thank you again for your quick assistance and answer.

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