An embed block - and I don't mean the option to embed blocks


I would find it very useful if there was an embed block that would be kind of similar to the page designer except that instead of printing it would be for embedding it into a website.

The use case would be showing records from Airtable in a more customized way that would feel and look more just like a part of the webpage. Say I wanted to show a table with all our employees. Right now it would be via an embed view (which is great) but if I could design it to look and feel just like our website it would be very useful


another vote for this please!

I’m actually struggling to get any kind of clean output at all from airtable. Page designer has some messy PDF and line break weirdness with it. Especially with attachment fields. Gallery embeds have no control.

I’d even be happy with save as html. So far I can only use csv to get clean text back out of airtable.