An option to require Unique Values for any given field

Don’t know. It’s weird so very few people consider this important.


I’d also appreciate being able to force column uniqueness constraint—at least on a table’s (non-formula) Primary Field. It is a bit confusing that it is allowed at all, if you accidentally have 2 duplicate primary field entries, I’ve found that certain rollup/aggregation functions don’t work as expected (which is expected if you have database experience, but not for the layperson).

Can I add a +1 for the unique column?!

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Yep! Example - a form where people can flag a Thing. Has the thing been flagged already? Then the form says no.

This would be great. I’m using AirTable as a low-touch high-flexibility CRM, after being frustrated with Hubspot’s poor UX, slow data entry, and difficulty to edit. Needing to manually remove duplicates may be the pain that makes me give up AirTable as a CRM

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