An option to require Unique Values for any given field


Still nothing?! How is this not an issue for more people? Literally considering looking for another program because of this…


+1 we also need this!


Don’t know. It’s weird so very few people consider this important.


I’d also appreciate being able to force column uniqueness constraint—at least on a table’s (non-formula) Primary Field. It is a bit confusing that it is allowed at all, if you accidentally have 2 duplicate primary field entries, I’ve found that certain rollup/aggregation functions don’t work as expected (which is expected if you have database experience, but not for the layperson).


Can I add a +1 for the unique column?!


Yep! Example - a form where people can flag a Thing. Has the thing been flagged already? Then the form says no.


I am so deflated to realize that I’ve invested a whack of time in airtable only to realize that it doesn’t offer this most basic and fundamental of database concepts. WTF! Why even name a field “record ID” if you’re not to offer enforced uniqueness. It makes me think that I’ve been naive to believe Airtable was a suitable answer to my needs. What else is going to surprise me. I feel totally duped.