An option to require Unique Values for any given field

Don’t know. It’s weird so very few people consider this important.


I’d also appreciate being able to force column uniqueness constraint—at least on a table’s (non-formula) Primary Field. It is a bit confusing that it is allowed at all, if you accidentally have 2 duplicate primary field entries, I’ve found that certain rollup/aggregation functions don’t work as expected (which is expected if you have database experience, but not for the layperson).

Can I add a +1 for the unique column?!


Yep! Example - a form where people can flag a Thing. Has the thing been flagged already? Then the form says no.

This would be great. I’m using AirTable as a low-touch high-flexibility CRM, after being frustrated with Hubspot’s poor UX, slow data entry, and difficulty to edit. Needing to manually remove duplicates may be the pain that makes me give up AirTable as a CRM


Here is a solution.

At zzBots, we integrated with AirTable to create a bot that will automatically flag any duplicate records in a table based on the field specified.

Here is a step by step video on how to create this bot using zzBots:
If you want to check it out, search the video “How to Create a Bot That Will Automatically Flag Duplicate Records in Airtable - zzBots” on YouTube.

Hope this helps!

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Hey Airtable! It looks like you still haven’t done anything about this- this is absolutely necessary if I’m going to be able to use you long term! I’ve been strongly considering paying for a subscription with you after the free trial ends because so far I’ve been so very impressed with your product! …except for this.

Seriously, this will end up being a deal breaker. I have to be able to enforce unique record values for my key fields, and I’d really rather not just make everything refer to an inscrutable auto-incrementing number.

Please take notice of this thread, and act on it SOON!

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Given that you want your whole org +100 people in Airtable you will have a need for this function in some crucial tables.


This is a Must!
Why isn’t Airtable adding this feature? Is there some architectural flaw preventing implementing this?

Please provide some feedback on this, as this is a dealbreaker for me (currently paying customer) - will have to switch to another solution.

Adding my voice to this. I have a table of clients with a “client code” column where I’d like to enter a unique 3-letter code for each client. This is typed manually, but I need an alert if the code is already in use.

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This is a must have small companies with not resources to hire a developer or skills to use access or filemaker, should have a way to prevent duplicated records there are many situations where simple forms required deduplicate like job applications, permit records, receipts, employee ids, etc etc, should not be that hard to code for a airtable talented developers

This is absolute essential for us as well. We would love to have an option where it won’t allow us to enter a duplicate value in the primary field which is a text field in our use case.

Please airtable support make this happen! Thanks!

Adding my voice to this.

Yikes, this should absolutely be here

A feature that is essential i would say. Voted

Has anybody seen a response from Airtable on this issue? I just started evaluating Airtable and was super excited about how easy it was to create what I wanted until I ran into this issue.
How can they sell this as a “relational database” without this feature?

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I agree. Please fix!

+1 for this feature!

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+1 for this request!

+1 we need this and all people that are using this.