An option to require Unique Values for any given field

+1 for unique primary field aka Primary Key – Optional is fine – read more below

Obviously, if this was added at this point, would have to make it an option ELSE it could blow up existing solutions. That’s fine. Adding as an option is great, and default being off is even fine. And if adding it to primary field, then allow uniqueness to be an option on any field. Please. Pretty please. Really. When is this coming?

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A bit of a workaround that you could use is using the “Unique” at the bottom of your view. As long as it is “100%”, you know there are no duplicates.


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+1 for this request. At a minimum, I’d like to make sure that we’ve not accidentally duplicated order numbers that should be unique. Ideally, with this feature it would at least alert us that there is another entry that matches. Would be helpful for both numbers (most important) and text. Fuzzy logic would be a bonus here so we can be alerted if text entered seems “similar”. Of course, we can do all this manually with grouping and sorting, but with over 10K records that seems like a tremendous waste of time when a computer could do it for us on the fly.

I previously commented on this post with a Youtube video showing how to set this up in zzBots.

This is now simpler with the Bot Store.
Before following the video to set this up custom to your needs, you can install the bot in the Bot Store here:

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