AND OR filterByFormula Adalo

I am trying to create a filter in Adalo related to data in Airtable. I work on a category page.
When the user click on one category (I.e. environment), he will see the content related to “environment”. Adalo does not integrate multiple value cell (if there is more than one category per cell), whereas most of my content can have 2 categories. In Airtable, I have created a second column with a sub category. Each content should be able to appear in both category and subcategory in Adalo.
Also, there is an additional filter in the formula which is “Status = live” (to only display the content that are Live on Airtable, and not the draft content). So far my formula looks like this: AND(({Categories}=‘user cat’),({Status}=‘Live’)). It works for one category but I don’t know how to integrate the subcategory in the formula. It looks like AND and OR don’t properly work when combined but maybe there is another way? Many thanks.

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