And statement and two separate fields


I’m new to airtable and struggling to write a formula to ask the system to look at two separate fields and apply a label if the conditions are met.

I have this formula already

IF(IS_BEFORE({Materials Received Date (hide)},“12/16/21”),“Early Deadline”)

and I’d like to add that the system also look at another field, application submitted, before 12/18/21 and also apply the label Early Deadline.

Both statements should be true in order for the label to be applied. I was thinking I could just copy my original formula that worked and join them with an AND but I get an error.

Thanks in advance!!

Here you go:

IS_BEFORE({Materials Received Date (hide)},"12/16/21"),
IS_BEFORE({Application Submitted Date},"12/18/21")
"Early Deadline")

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