Android app accidental table creation


This is not a true bug but it does affect much the Android app usage.

The + button to create a new table is very easy to hit by mistake: when scrolling tables, when holding the phone on the right hand. Once I created like 10 new tables just by mistake.

I have these two options to suggest:

  • Request user confirmation (“are you sure?”) before creating a new table
  • Popup Table/Record options when hitting the new record button



I vote NO to the second option. I add a Record wat more times that I add a Table (almost never, I do that from desktop).

On the first option, I think more times will be intended than mistaken, so I prefer a Undo feature.


Undo could work for me. However I can’t completely agree with your comment as I have difficulty conceiving someone completely building a base and many tables using the app alone. Anyway, the only problem with Undo without further confirmation is that I have more than once created new tables and, not having noticed right away as I was working with the phone in portrait mode (not much room to see table names), I would have been too late for an Undo, I assume, especially if I took some valuable action right after.


Facing the exact same issue even while the app in not blacky, just solely on the background proccessing of it’s own.

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