Android app stops/crashes immediately after login

I’m using Android 7.0. I can install and open the app fine, but immediately after I try to sign in, the app stops. Anyone else had this problem, and know of a solution? Thanks.

Hi @Lindsay_Wilson. Did you find a solution? I am using Android 7.0 as well with a Asus Zenfone, and the app just started to crash too. I have been using the Airtable app since a while. I haven’t opened it in the last few days, and now, it is just not working anymore :frowning: This is really bad, since I do everything on Airtable (content, products listing, planning, follow-ups…).

Hi - I’ve been in communication with their help team, and apparently they’ve created a fix for the problem which will be included in the next update, hopefully in a few days. Fingers crossed :wink:

@Lindsay_Wilson Great, thank you for the answer. I just opened my application right now and it is back to normal, it works fine :smiley:

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