Announcing blocks madness!

Hi everyone!

Today we want to try something fun: we’re introducing a beloved internal Airtable institution, Blocks Madness, to the community, too!

Blocks Madness is a tournament that pits our most popular blocks against each other through head-to-head voting rounds which will take place right here in the community. You’ll be able to submit a bracket, and the closest to the actual outcome will win a $500 Amazon gift card!

We’ll also be holding daily blocks-themed mini-contests every day where you can win Airtable swag, gift cards, and more. So how’s this going to work?


Every day at 9am (PT) / 12pm (ET), we’ll post two things:

  1. Voting in the day’s match-up
  2. A mini-contest of the day.

Voting will last for 24 hours, and the winners of each match-up will move to the next round. We’ll be releasing the full schedule of matchups and mini-contests on Airtable Universe early next week, and refreshing the schedule after each round. For some of the mini-contests, you’ll get a heads up on what to expect when we refresh the schedule. For others, you’ll have to wait til the day-of to see what’s on the docket :wink:

Who are our competitors?

16 blocks get to compete in this year’s Blocks Madness. To select and seed them, we grabbed the list of the top 15 blocks that were used by the most people in the last week.

So who’s lucky number 16?

Well, that’s up to you! We’re holding a wildcard vote in the next thread over - why don’t you help us figure out our final contestant? We’ll see you next week when the brackets, contests, and voting begin!