Announcing our new Help Center 📚

Hi Airtable Community,

I’m excited to share that we have launched a brand new Help Center!

Airtable’s Help Center is the go-to learning resource to find documentation about every Airtable feature - from automation guides to formulas, our goal is to ensure the Help Center has the answers you need. And, if you aren’t finding the help you need, you can always get in touch with our Support team directly through the Help Center.

In the new experience, you’ll have access:

  • Improved search to more easily discover content
  • A dedicated page to see articles that have been recently updated
  • Better navigation to visually browse through specific product areas
  • Integrated article feedback to let us know how we can improve our content

Please head over to to check it out and share your feedback (you’ll see a feedback option at the bottom of every article)!


@Jason Congrats on the update to the support page. I tried submitting feedback on one of the support articles regarding formulas. I do not appear to have been sent a copy of my feedback. It would be nice if the system that takes feedback on the pages could also email me what I typed.


Thanks @kuovonne, and great idea!

This is now implemented; we’ll send over an email confirmation when comments are added to the feedback, and an email address is provided.

We’ll also notify you if we make content changes based on your feedback.


Thanks. I got an email confirmation with a link to the support article on which I commented, but so did not get a copy of my comments. Would it be possible to include my comments in the email?

By the way, it looks like the email came through as an Airtable automated email. Are all of the comments on the website feed into an Airtable base?

Very nice, @Jason!! :cowboy_hat_face: :partying_face: :raised_hands:

This was superb and help full

Thanks for it! It was helpful

Hi Jason,

Might be worth gearing the Help Center feedback with a tick-box called “Undocumented Feature”.

The feedback I had for an article just now wasn’t positive or negative, but rather I wanted to advise Airtable of functionality that doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere.

For anyone curious on my findings; It’s not detailed (at least anywhere that I could find) that an “Update Record” action within an Automation can be used to output that newly updated records details with extreme ease, that can be used in further actions, such as an Email action.

For example - If you have 10+ scripts within an Automation all executing updates on a record - but then as the script author you find yourself needing to output specific data from all those scripts, it’s much-much easier to simply create an “Update Record” action, point it to the record that all the scripts are mutating, and then you’ll have access to all the latest details within that record - without the need to patch 10 scripts with output changes

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In general the documentation for all of the automation actions (except the Find Records action) seem to omit discussion of the action outputs.

Just make sure that you are updating a field that was not altered by any of the scripts.

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