Announcing the Airtable Platform

Agreed! Really excited for the launch of community-built apps and everything that will come after them.


This is huge! I can’t wait to build an app. :grin:


It is possible that there is a developers partner program, and none of us here made the cut. Heck, I’m tagged in this announcement post and I only knew about the single update which involved me. Everything else was a (pleasant!) surprise.

A more open dialog between the community developers and the Platform Team would be very much appreciated.


Laughingly, your hypothesis is actually plausible. Airtable should fear the likes of me being deeply involved. And, I may be a narcissist with a fair degree of hubris; my wife has often said there’s not enough room at a small church for me and God.


Yes, bad timing! Lol.

I totally agree that we need a Developers Partners Program!

And an annual Airtable conference!

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Its put on by @chrisdancy and not Airtable per se, but there is a Airtable conference happening this week:

Hi. We cannot see the “Share view with other bases” option. How do we get it enabled? @Jason

Cool, thanks! This is the first I’m hearing about it — looks like he hasn’t promoted it in the community here. How did you find out about it?

I already have a bunch of appointments on Friday, but I’ll try to attend some of it, at least!

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@Josiah_Richards We’re progressively rolling out access today, so you should have it within the next few hours at the very latest!

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It was promoted in the Airtable Reddit, and the BuiltOnAir slack community.

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@Kamille_Parks Cool, thanks! You may want to mention to him about promoting it to this wonderful community here! :slight_smile: Maybe he felt nervous about promoting an event within the official Airtable community.

Exciting! Look forward to using the new features.
Also - When reading the Airtable Sync overview I noticed in the amination the the option to “Allow viewers to edit records”. Is that new as well?

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@RnJ No, it’s something we’re testing internally. I adjusted the screenshot to reflect the available options in Share view.

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Darn :grinning: If you need any testers let me know :raised_hand:


I didn’t promote the event on the community, because I am trying to gather the people who are afraid of the community and who need inspiration!
We have about 600 people signed up now!

Excited to get folks talking about building

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The pace with which Airtable changes is unsuitable for an annual conference. By the time a content committee approves of the presentations and session, many will be obsolete.


Please. Bill, you have the uncanny ability to find a problem in any solution! :wink:

What you said is true, but this a problem with ALL tech conferences, and they all still happen.

Usually, this is resolved in one of two ways:

(1) The presenter is given advance knowledge of the product changes & an early release of the new product, so their presentations are timely & relevant to the new release.
(2) The presenter says, “And you can do this even easier now, as of this morning’s release!”

There are NUMEROUS benefits to be had from conferences — not the least of which is networking & socializing with Airtable users, developers, vendors, and the Airtable team themselves.

Community & communication is key, and that’s what a conference provides.


In fact, one of the best things about conferences is that’s where companies often INTRODUCE their new features & new products & new services!!

It’s a way to gather all the fans together and get them all excited about the new things that they don’t know about yet!!

That’s the WHOLE POINT!

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One more update for today: we just made an additional three automation triggers available for all customers:

  • When event created trigger for Google Calendar
  • When response arrives for Google Forms
  • When row created for Google Sheets

You can view the related support article for all automation triggers here.


That’s exactly my point - yearly is not a solution. I think more frequent conferences would be well-received because the typical user is likely to be moving up in Airtable maturity on a monthly basis.

Indeed. I support your idea; just not annually. Most conference cycles - even for big platforms like Elastic{ON} and NVIDIA’s GTX have changed to more rapid iterations because their technology is changing so fast and their users are adopting it at a far greater pace. I think Airtable should think this way with respect to any kind of conferences because they have obviously reached a stride that warrants the spread of information at a pace that matches their leaps forward with the ability of its community to do the same.

It’s a good problem to have but it does require more and better communications pathways and online conferences (for now) seems to be the right thing to do. I don’t know what the right velocity should be, but my thinking is one a year will not have the positive and sustained impact that two or three per year might have. I believe GTX is every 9 months which I believe [presently] coincides with their major release cycles.