Annoying column ordering issue with Record List Block

Guys, I use the record list block as a way to show records on my “dashboard” of blocks. This way if I need to work on a particular item, I don’t need to hide away the blocks, instead blocks have become the “front-end” for me.

However, the way record list block is currently configured, it picks up the columns visibility (hide/unhide), and the column order from the first view of the table. It doesn’t pick it up from the view used to configure the block.

I find that a bit annoying. Is there a workaround?

Hi @Indresh_Kumar,

You can move the view you want to the top, this should solve it, correct?


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Hi Mohamed.

Yes, moving the view to the top solves the problem.

There are some cases where different blocks are pulling record list from different views of the same table. Example: “interviews” and “offers” use the same table “applications”. In such cases all the blocks have the same order irrespective of the view they are using.

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Ya I get your point. Dont know if there is a workaround it though.

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