Annual Gardening Calendar (Gantt Chart)

Scenario Goal/Context: I have set up an Annual Gardening Calendar for my area for 2021 for the typical earliest and latest frost dates, dates to sow vegetable and herb seeds indoors and plant seedlings and sow seeds outdoors (based on Farmer’s Almanac and local Master Gardening resources). Global warming and local microclimates will move these dates slightly but they tend to trend close to the same dates every year (and can, of course, be refined as specific conditions are observed and/or change).

Q: How do I replicate this for each subsequent year to come?

I’m sure I must be missing the obvious. There must be a simple duplicate solution but I’m an Airtable Rookie and I haven’t been able to dig up amongst the resources how to copy the calendar for future years while retaining the integrity of the Gantt chart begin and end dates with the respective category fields (and color codes).

Please… edify me!


I might’ve answered this myself… I guess I could just duplicate the table and split out the year as a separate column? But then… that’d end up being a huge base over the years (and multiple calendar subscriptions) but then, you do keep notes specific to each year. Forgive the board brainstorming (it’s Corona-lonely out here in cyber-space! :wink:

Maybe there’s an easier, simpler more streamlined solution?

Welcome to the community, @Heather_Hale! :smiley: Sorry that you ended up talking to yourself over here. :slight_smile: The table duplication option you mentioned is one possibility, but you end up with lots of tables. If you want to keep your notes from one year to the next, and make them easier to find, I recommend keeping all years in a single table, duplicating the event records for each new year, and using a view with a filter to isolate the given year you want to see.

Duplicating the records is the part that might be cumbersome if you were to do it manually, but this could be automated with the help of a script in the scripting block (if your base is in a Pro-level workspace).

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