ANSWERED: Updating a table with a CSV


I’m designing a base that is meant to analyze regular data from our operations that I import as a CSV. I would like to maintain this weekly but build it into a monthly report. I’ve been able to create a NEW table by importing a CSV but I can’t see how I can import more data to an already existing table.

Additionally, I’m concerned about my customizations. I re-ordered the rows to make them more contextually relevant and added rows with custom formulas. How can I include the new data without breaking these things?


The only way to add data to an existing table via CSV import is through the “CSV Import Block”, which is available to “Pro” subscription accounts:

When you import a CSV using the block, you can append (add) records to an already existing table. You will be able to tell the block which columns in your CSV match up to which fields in your table, to ensure the data goes into the correct fields regardless of field order in your table. It will not affect your formula fields at all.

They even updated the CSV import block recently allowing you to use it to UPDATE or MERGE records into an already existing table:


Jeremy! That’s exactly what I needed! Thank you!