Any plans to increase plan record limits?

Does Airtable have any plans to significantly increase the record limits on the Pro plan?

I am a huge fan of Airtable, and I use it a lot of small organizational projects. However, the 50k record limit is a real barrier to doing any serious project on the platform. I am working on a database of real estate property records. My county has 150k properties, meaning the base would end up having over 500k records (buyer, seller, property, etc). offers 1.25M records at their $575/mo plan.

Hi @Peter_Sturdivant,

Airtable does have the Enterprise plan. You can contact their sales team.


@Mohamed_Swellam - yes, but

  1. Enterprise is $3,000 per month, which is nuts
  2. The Enterprise record limit is 100k, which is barely an improvement.

I seriously don’t understand why Airtable would build such intuitive and functional software and then cap the limits such that it only works for hobbyists.

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Agree 100%. I would love to keep everything in one base instead of figure out work arounds with 3rd party programs and archiving.