Any way to create form sections?


Guys, quick question,

Is there any way to create a form with sections as you can do with Google Forms?

I will give you an example, to make you understand better what I want to do, maybe there are other solutions as well.

Title: Event application form

First question: How many people would you like to register?
Single choose: a. 1 person, b. 2 persons, c. 3 persons etc.

If they choose to register 1 person, they will have the second question: “Please fill your full name”
If they choose to register 2 or more people, they will have to complete: “Please fill the full name of each people”

In conclusion, is there any chance to create 1 form, with multiple sections in order to avoid creating one form for each number of people from a group who can apply for a conference?

And unfortunately, we cannot ask each one of them to apply due to some future questions.


In the meantime, I’ve managed to find a solution by my self that helps me on half. For newbies like me, in Airtable, you can create many forms with a signle database in the background. The only thing is that you need to send different links to your respondents.

I hope there will be someone who can help me to make a single form, for categories of applicants.


Unfortunately Airtable’s existing forms don’t support the kind of conditional logic you seek. There are some third-party integrations that do, though. I don’t know them all, but Jotform and Openside are the two that come to mind at the moment. I’m sure someone else can add others to that list.

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