Any Way to Do a Min() Function on a List of Numbers Pulled From a Lookup Field?

I’m trying to do a setup as follows, all within one base:

Tab One - People
Person A is tagged to Event X, Event Y, and Event Z via a link to Tab 2 - Events.

Tab Two - Events
Event X, Y, and Z all have an event date. A formula field spits out a number of days since that event has taken place, which is then linked back via lookup to Person A on Tab 1

So I can look at Person A’s lookup field for days since the events they attended and see that, for example, they attended events 5, 10, and 15 days ago.

But the only piece I totally care about is the minimum number. So is there a way to construct a formula such that I can see only the lowest number, even if in an additional field, in Tab 1? I tried MIN() but I suspect it isn’t working because the output of the lookup field isn’t just a number, it’s a sequences of numbers separated by commas.

Solved this one myself.

I needed to use a rollup field instead of a lookup, since the rollup allows you to only display the MIN() of the values referenced.

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