Anybody Interested To Help...Need A Little Bit Of Help With A Base

Hi Airtable Community

I want to create a simple and easy to use base for International postage stamp records.

I was working on a base last week, so I managed to set it up the best way I could, but I think it will need fine tuning.

I would like to have the name of the country in the first table. Then to have the name of the COUNTRY only show up once and linked to CATALOGUE# in the second table. I would also like to have the second table to have all the field data, for each record.

I have a share link:

I so far have about 25 different countries and growing and I have about 700 stamps/records, and also growing. I will be using Integromat to create and update records and also, manual enteries.

Please keep in mind that the feature i.e. linking, confuses me, so I will need to understand how to use this feature. I would like to learn. Especially, what table I would use to enter the record data and how to link records. These two things confuses me, too. :grinning:

Thank you,