Anybody managed to break image string using Integromat?

It can be one using or some paid Airtable addon but I am looking for ways to do that with Integromat (free version). (Zapier doesn’t offer free multi-levels, so Integromat is the only option in town offering for free multilevel flow albeit with limited number of runs). Airtable stores images (and attachments) in one field together separated by commas. I can instruct Integromat to only retrieve the URL’s but they are all in the same cell in Google Sheets. (So ULR1,URL2,URL3…URLx all together). I wish the integration included instructions how to deal with that to separate. I’m trying to play with text various tools in Integromat but I don’t know how to make it work because Integromat instructions lack examples of scenarios and results and there is no guidance how to create flows (compared to Zapier).

I want URL1 be in separate column, URL2 in separate column, etc…

As I said works fine with Coupler addon but I am trying to do with Intromat. If I can get under 3 credits per successful run with Integromat I have it triggered a bit more frequently while on the free plan. Coupler free version triggers once in an hour.

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@Justin_Barrett has created some fancy formulas to break up multiple URLs from a single field into multiple fields (each with just one URL):


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