Anyone implemented a burndown chart?


Burndown charts are pretty easy to implement in spreadsheets, even sophisticated charts plotting multiple velocities. Has anyone created one in Airtable?

My impression: Airtable, with its lack of inter-row reference (i.e., you can’t say, ‘take the value in this same field in the row “above”, and decrement it by this week’s work’), seems antithetical to this type of modeling.

But that’s just my impression, and maybe I’m thinking about it wrong?


I’m also trying to create a burndown chart.
My thinking is that there could be a new field type that was something like “Date Changed” (similar to “Created Time”). It would reference my “Approval” field. When an item in the Approval field was changed to “Approved”, “Date Changed” would automatically set the date. This can then be referenced in the burndown chart.

Maybe there is someway to do this with formulas?