Anyway to have a LOOKUP column (field) show up in a shared form view?


The first field is linked to a table row that has a lookup value in it, but I can’t get the lookup field to show in the field view


Hi there!

Can you email with a screenshot of what you’re doing?



Yep. It will have to be Tuesday. Thanks for asking.


OK. On its way. I hope this is something easy that I have overlooked.


Alex. Of course. Please correct any misinformation.


Was there ever a resolution to this? I too would like to have a lookup column show in a form view as I’m making an order sheet for materials and it would be nice to double check pricing for a specific item in a product database.


Has there been any resolution to this question?

On a form we need to be able to select a linked record only showing one of the columns for privacy reasons. It seemed that the solution would be to create a linked column, and then another column which is a lookup on the linked column which shows only a single field from the linked record. Then use this lookup in the form to allow selection by name ( for instance ), only, without revealing any other data from the linked table.

If this has been resolved, or if there is a better way to achieve this result, we would love to hear about it.

Any feedback is most welcome.
Thank you