API 404 inconsistency?


Hi guys,

I’d never seen this one before. I’m sending a deletion request looking like:


Now if the record does not exist I always get a 404 with:

{“error”:{“type”:“MODEL_ID_NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Record not found”}}

In one particular situation I get:

{“error”:{“type”:“MODEL_ID_NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Could not find application by id recYYYY”}}

If somebody could explain why this happens or what this means that would be awesome!


Sorry, this is a bug! We’ll try to fix it soon.


I sorta figured (duplicate key or something :grimacing:)… Let me know if you need the ID.

Anyway, no prob and thanks for the quick response!


Hi All,
I also getting the same error at the time time of record update by the RestAPI.

{“error”:{“type”:“MODEL_ID_NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Record not found”}}

Please let us know is it solve,
Thanks i advanced.


This looks more like a wrong endpoint to me. I would double check the record first in this case.