API Call displays also hidden fields


when I call for a view, is there a way to only give back how the view really looks like, with all the hidden fields not in the response?

Otherwise the view= Tag makes no sense imho.


Hi @Luxy - when you use “view” in the API you are specifying the records returned, rather than the fields. At the moment, the AT API returns all fields. The only exception to this is:

Returned records do not include any fields with “empty” values, e.g. "" , [ ] , or false .

But, it is a good point, for large tables (many fields) it would be nice to be able to define which fields are returned by the call.


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Well…I was wrong on this. You can specify the fields that are returned in an API call.

You can specify which fields you want returned. However, you must know the names of the fields already–you cannot ask for the fields by view name.

Even though specifying the view does not affect which fields are returned, specifying the view is still useful. The records returned will be filtered and sorted according to the view.

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