API call for CSV file

I’m new to Airtable. I’m trying to fetch data from the CSV file and populate a content box.

Trying to fetch data doing AJAX call. In google spreadsheet it’s pretty simple.
var URL = spreadsheetsgooglecomfeedslist"+Yourkey+"defaultpublicvalues?alt=json
var eventsData = data.feed.entry;

My question is how can you get the URL for the CSV file you created in airtable.

You can not programmatically get the URL for the CSV file directly.

But you can access the data in your base via the Airtable API.
The Airtable API is REST based so you should be able to use it in almost any programming language out there.

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Since this feature is not supported yet, we created a tool that generates a static URL for CSV file. It can also be scheduled to re-fetch the data automatically.

We have made a simple api for exporting your base as csv. The docs can be found here


Version 2 is just as easy and more secure :slight_smile: - check it out!