API for managing shares of tables and bases

Hello, I am in search of an API to manage the shares of tables and bases. The idea is we would keep a permission list (potentially the list would actually live in airtable, but this shouldn’t be relevant to the ask) and be able to verify that the airtable permissions currently in force are those that are recorded in our separate source of truth.

We are a nonprofit organization that uses Airtable heavily for our day to day but care deeply about information security as well. Part of the problem is mitigating the spread of share links, direct individual shares by members, and non-expiry of shares for members who are inactive in our system.

It seems that there is no such API available. I could use webscraping to simulate what happens in the web UI, but obviously this is suboptimal. As Airtable’s adoption rises and our organization grows, I consider this a critical issue for our continued usage of the product.

I would recommend checking out Stacker or MiniExtensions to help you fulfill this need.

Indeed. APIs are not just about the data; they must embrace the entire app ecosystem including…

  • Schema (and the ability to create and modify schemas)
  • Conversations and comments
  • Security settings
  • Formulas and linking/lookup rules
  • Snapshots and roll-backs

Hi @Bill.French,

My Use Cases tell me that this is what I’ve been missing for a long time, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any way to get recent news from Airtable about it…
…but I’m not telling you anything new here, neither to yourself, nor to the other Experts of the Community…



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