API Get only the options of field(column) type multiple select (array of string)

Hello everybody!!!
I’m new in the comunity of Airtable, since last Monday, Im working with the API, now I need some help, this is the think:
I have a table with a field of type multiple select(array of string) and need to get only all the options (values) configured of this field, not the values select by the user.
please help, some real values are:
“1. Fields Status Value Text”,
and are all this values that I need get to my code.

See you…

To the best of my knowledge the API currently does not have a way to retrieve the configured values of a multiple select field.

what about 2020?

any update on that topic?

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The public REST API does not have this information, but it is available in the Scripting API and the Custom Blocks API.